Where Can I Sell My Rare Antique Coin in Pakistan?

Where Can I Sell My Rare Antique Coin in Pakistan

As you know Coin Bolee is an online web portal that lists antique coins, notes, stamps and many other rare items, We sell almost anything you just name it.

Now we have been asked by our customers and people from our portal regarding this business in Pakistan.

How Do We Sell Our Rare Coins in Pakistan?

So, This is the most asked question by audience from Coin Bolee platform. Many people receives very great offers from abroad of their rare coins or notes. But, they are unable to send them the items to their locations.

And many people faces issues that how do we get the payment from customer?

Indeed, these are the top issues for everyone, who just started invested in antiques or planning to invest in coins in future.

Before, I get into depth. let me teach you the basics of doing this business in Pakistan.

How Do You Start This Business in Pakistan?

Before starting this business. You should know the complete details about a specific coins, notes or any other rare items.

Because, if you just invested in any wrong coins, it will take year to years to sell your antiques.

Unfortunately, In a market like Pakistan. The antiques you see online or from any collector is 90% all fake coins or notes.

So, In short, before investing a penny. You must know the coin history and you must have little experience to find out whether its Fake or Original.

Or, If you know any expert connect with him to teach you these skills or if you are planning to invest without going into very depth. You must have an expert with yourself while purchasing these antiques. So, that he finds the rare items for you to invest.

How Do I Sell My Antiques After Investing in Them?

Well, this is the most important part for many people, who invested in coins earlier or planning to invest right now.

I am going to list few important market places for you to list your coins and sell them over there.

  1. List Your Coins at [OLX] Website for Free
  2. List Your Coins at [CoinBolee] Website Paid
  3. List Your Coins at [Ebay] Website
  4. List Your Antiques at [Daraz] Website, if it allows you too.

These are all online market places to list your coins online and the customers will be in touch with you on these websites or whatsapp to directly deal with you.

But, its not just the stop here.

You can list the coins for free in the following lists too.

These are free and you have to post daily content here to bring out your brand into the market and let the world knows that ETC brand exists.

But, If you want to reach out to millions of right customers, You can run a campaign online with the help of JahaSoft (pvt) ltd.

If you have any questions in your mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly on our WhatsApp +92 3048086046. If you like this post, Do share it with your loved ones. Thanks…

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