How To Become Professional Antique Collector in Pakistan?

How To Become Professional Antique Collector in Pakistan?

Do you want to become a successful antique collector in Pakistan? If yes, you are in the right place to start your career as an antique collector.

May be you are choosing this career because of a pro collector in Pakistan or abroad and heard a lot of successful stories about their luck and their earnings being leaked online.

Sure, collectors do earn a lot from their collection. But, it takes a lot of time to become an expert in the field and start investing in the collection and than finally finding the right customer to sell your collections on him.

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You will find so many people with such a great collection but they won’t be the top skilled sales person, I mean to say: they lack on selling their antiques.

Of course, to be an expert collector. It takes so much experience and knowledge finding the right coins or notes or any other antique items to invest in.

So, The Question is: How Do I Become a Pro-Collector?

1) Network:

The most important part to become a collector is to have as many connections with people as possible. The more people know you the more you can sell your antiques too.

There are hundreds of thousands people; how are not collectors but they have such a beautiful antique pieces from their grand parents.

So, buying from those people could be 100% profit.

But, Remember. You should know your customers and the market demand for the product you are buying.

There are so many rare items but it takes year to years to sell them to the customers.

2) Connect with Antique Stores:

Whether you live in Lahore or Karachi or in Quetta. There is always an antique store that you must visit and get yourself connected with them.

Whether he is smart or not, whether he has great rare collection or not. But, you must get yourself connected with them.

Their contact will be very much helpful in future.

Those antique stores has some rare collections in secret, which you won’t find in their store but with good network and connection with over time. They will offer you great antiques that you will be very benefited from.

3) Collaborate With Other Collectors & Social Presence:

To become a superb successful collector, you must have an online presence. Its 2021 and everyone in the world today is shopping online.

So, In short. You must have your online antique store with your online YouTube channel. So, That you upload each and every rare items videos into your Channel on daily or weekly basis.

The more active you become on social media and the more online presence you get the more chances you have to sell your rare items in the fastest way possible.

Find out other cool collectors in your area. Interview them or if they have online presence or videos. Try collaborate with them. So, you will upload two videos.

One of the video will be released on his channel and social media portal and the second video will be released and posted into your social media accounts.

4) Develop Your Site and Social Media Portals:

Majority of collectors today I know in our area Quetta. Do not have any idea about online presence and are not aware of the power that social media and website can do to your business and how much sales you can generate online.

If you are willing to learn or get these services, You can always contact our head company: JAHASOFT (PVT) LTD.

If you are willing to launch your very own antique store in Pakistan, You can start taking this course from Udemy to learn and build the store yourself.

5) Read, Read and Read:

Don’t forget to update yourself on daily basis. Read articles daily from Heritage Auction site and other top sites in the area of antiques items.

Also, Check out the auctions and don’t forget to find out the prices of the rare items.

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