Everything You Need to Know About the Antique Store Business in Pakistan

Everything You Need to Know About the Antique Store Business in Pakistan

Antique Items, whenever we heard this term, it brings fascinating feelings to our minds. However, most of us are unaware that antique items do hold a considerable amount of value in the whole world other than Pakistan.

More than 90% of the population in Pakistan doesn’t have so much influence on it; it shouldn’t mean that they don’t come out towards collecting the antiques. There are tons of stories on the Internet about the Antique collector throughout Pakistan, but all of them are limited to just collecting it. Not a single one of them has ever made their mind to make it as a business.

If we talk about the other continents of the world, many people tend to earn a lot of money out of antique items. There are online and offline stores, making it easier for business people to offer a platform to everyone who wants these antiques for themselves with a whopping amount.

In general, these antiques don’t have that much value due to their rare usage in the current time. However, people do get attracted to such types of things due to sentimental and other major reasons.

Luckily, Pakistan is based on the land where people worldwide know the country due to its heritage and antique items that tend to be found limitedly in other countries. But being unaware of the fact, the people of Pakistan are missing out on the opportunities that they could easily avail themselves for selling or purchasing these items.

Why are antique items fake in Pakistan?

As we said earlier, the antique items business is not that much accessible in Pakistan than in other countries, so there is a huge amount of fraud in Pakistan that made the un-trustworthy personality play with people’s emotions in Pakistan.

We want to describe here that some of the clever people in Pakistan had the idea of selling and purchasing antique items. However, they don’t run the businesses correctly and offer the wrong or fake antique items that don’t have any historical value. Due to the same reasons, people get offended with selling or purchasing it who have a passion for collecting antique items.

In general, antique items are not easy to find by anyone. That’s the major reason its prices tend to be higher than any luxury items available of the current era. Meanwhile, people don’t have that much experience identifying real or not; it certainly leads them towards a major loss.

For that reason, there must be a valid Antique store in Pakistan that sells unique items that pretty much hold historical value. So that people would not get offended and easily purchase it with the intention of collection or business. Luckily, we do tell you about one of the verified Antique stores of Pakistan that offers online and offline services, but we will tell you about it at the end of the article.

Why doesn’t this business work in Pakistan?

The same issue comes out to the public when it referred that why this business doesn’t work in Pakistan. Most antique store sellers don’t have useful antique items available to them that hold value. Some people have fake antique items, and they sell them to the people in Pakistan who don’t have an idea about it. So later, people who purchase it from both sources tend to regret the investments they tend to make on it.

There should be a good platform that would cover the Gap so people interested in buying unique or antique stuff can easily make it for themselves to run this business. As said earlier, you will get the information about the antique store of Pakistan but will discuss it at the end.

How does it work in Pakistan and other countries?

Antique Item Business in Pakistan:

There are many antique items physical stores situated in Lahore, Karachi, and other cities in Pakistan. The work procedure of these Antique stores is that most of them hold the items that are either not that much old, or the rest of them don’t contain that historical involvement or value that it seems to be. Due to these reasons, people with a passion for collecting antique stuff tend to restrict their minds and try to buy items from Other countries.

Apart from that, there is no proper event-type system in Pakistan where people would come out from their comfort and sit together to bet on antique items for different reasons. The reason it doesn’t happen because there are so many fake items available in the market. Also, there is a limited sense among the people to idealize the same business model. Hence, the gap until now didn’t cover the Antique item business in Pakistan than other countries.

Antique Item business in other countries:

Other countries have understood the value of Antique items and founded different ways to Sell or purchase them. Generally, people from other parts of countries do have more emotional and money-making values related to antique items. Therefore, the demands of such a business type are higher as compared to Pakistan.

Many online and offline stores work with proper NOC and verification from the higher authorities to start the Antique store business. Due to that reason, people with good wealth and the passion of collecting antique items comes out from their home to purchase it at any cost.

Apart from online and offline stores, different event planners tend to schedule the Antique Item selling or purchasing events where the buyer and seller come together to purchase or sell the items at a good rate.

Meanwhile, there would be proper paperwork that tends to be considered in the foreign countries regarding the Antique Items. You would expect it in the way you purchase a Gold biscuit in Pakistan. After you buy the Gold biscuit, it tends to come with the proper paperwork that initiates everything about it.

On top of that, you will see that full-fledged youtube channels of foreigners are available. They give a full insight about the antique items and sell them to the desirable customers after getting the desirable amount set for the item.

You would easily type “Pawn Star” on youtube; it’s an all-in-one channel that pretty much talks about the Antique items on it. Moreover, they tend to sell these items online to viewers from any part of the world. In other words, they are captivating a huge market online from a single channel, and their business has raised millions of dollars.

Apart from that, there are tons of TV Series and shows that on-air in a different part of the world related to Antique Items finding, selling, and purchasing purposes. It gives us an idea that people away from Pakistan are pretty much into antique items and their selling or purchasing. Why? Because it does have notable buyers and this business will never collapse at all.

Who offers antique items business in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, you would find many people who offer Antique items selling or purchasing a business. However, very few of them tend to be reliable ones at all. Similarly, since the start of the article, we have promised you that one business model is working on Antique item selling and purchasing. Hence, we are about to talk about them below.

CoinBolee is a verified online web portal that deals with selling antique items that rare to find anywhere else. They have listed antique stamps, notes, coins, and other notable items on the platform. However, there would always be a space for improvement where you will see more antique items in the future.

The first and most common aspect of selling the Antique item to someone else is by initiating the definitive information about a particular thing. Generally, this tends to be ignored in Pakistan, and people don’t give much importance to the seller. However, Coinbolee is the type of platform where every single product they have listed contains the correct information. You would easily check it out on the official website; else, they do have a proper youtube channel where everything is mentioned about every antique item.

Besides that, Coinbolee always tries to list those antique items that surely have some historical values and can be easily sold in the future if the investors want to sell them. Hence, there will be no fake or fraudulent aspect an investor that comes to Coinbolee will ever experience.

Meanwhile, Coinbolee isn’t about selling or purchasing Antique Items. They do have a blog section where the different topic is discussed related to Antique items. In other words, the decision is made to give something extra to the people of Pakistan who want to invest in the Antique Items selling or purchasing a business.

Coinbolee is a sub-company of JahaSoft (PVT) Ltd, which deals with other niches like Software house business and real estate business. You should invest your money in purchasing Antique items of Coinbolee because the Parent company is verified by the prestigious authorities of Pakistan and abroad. Whatever you get from this platform will bring you a sense of value and satisfaction, which you may not get anywhere else.

Apart from that, the selling of antique items in CoinBolee is pretty much easier and accessible for anyone. Everything is mentioned for the buyer on its official website. Meanwhile, checking the Coinbolee Youtube channel also brings other insight into this business.

Another amazing thing about CoinBolee is that it doesn’t deal only through its online web portal. People who want to check antique items can easily visit their physical store based in Quetta, Balochistan.

In general, they have a physical Location running with the name of Jahasoft, where they have a sub-company called Coinbolee. So anyone who wishes to see the product by hand before purchasing it can easily visit the physical address in Quetta.

Let say you have purchased Antique items from coinbolee like Coins, stamps, Notes, or any other item; if you want to sell it in the future, Jahasoft is the parent company. They will surely provide you the marketing services to easily sell it to the right audience in a more limited time.

For any further queries, You can directly engage with the Owner of CoinBolee and Jahasoft, Mr. Jahanzaib Khan, on his Whatsapp number: +92 3048086046. Meanwhile, those who want to know about the physical address can refer to the official parent company website jahasoft.pk or directly understand the location through the given Whatsapp number.

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