Coin Bolee is proud to announce an upcoming platform that allows collectors, businessmen and stores to publish their collections with just few clicks on website.

ANCIENT is Pakistan’s most trusted marketplace for listing antiques online for free. We help antique collectors or stores or even an individual that has coins but is unaware of where to sell or buy those antiques.

We at CoinBolee has finally fixed a launching date Monday 5 July 2021. At Ancient our focus is to facilitate every user with their queries from any part of the world.

How to Register at

You simply need to visit website and on top of the menu. You will be able to see register user menu once you click that menu you will be taken to put your required credentials.

User registration takes less then a minute or so.

Register User on AncientClick Here

How Can CoinBolee Users Get Benefits from Ancient Portal?

To get maximum benefits from portal you need to list as many items on the portal as possible that way one of your items will be sold via Ancient in short period of time.

We at CoinBolee had received hundreds of message on WhatsApp majority of whom were only interested to sell their antiques so keeping that in mind we have launched a platform to better facilitate those users with this portal.

What Can You List on Ancient?

You can list pretty much everything you want to add to the listings of portal but for CoinBolee users. I would like to mention the followings:

  • Antiques
  • Ancient Items
  • Coins
  • Notes
  • Stamps
  • Sculpture
  • Vintage Pens
  • Gold / Silver Items is a marketplace where you can list pretty much everything you want to add to the portal. Just remember to add authentic up-to-date pictures with details and also your phone number that buy or seller can easily be in touched with you.

How Can You Contact Us?

If you need further features into Ancient portal feel free to contact us at anytime on our email address. We would try to add the feature as soon as possible.


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