China 1910 Yunnan Silver Dollar Coin Sold for $660,000 at Heritage Auction

China 1910 Yunnan Silver Dollar Coin Sold for $660,000 at Heritage Auction

A China 1910 Silver Dollar, Which was certified by (NGC) was sold for over $660,000 USD at a Heritage Auction (HA) sale on June 12, 2020. This was recorded to be one of the highest price ever paid for any chinese coin.

This rare coin is also known as “Spring Dollar”, this piece is one of the rarest in Chinese numismatics.

This piece contains Chinese characters with a date of Spring 1910.

“We are thrilled that this NGC-certified Spring Dollar set the record for the most valuable Chinese coin ever sold by Heritage Auctions,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Executive Vice President of International Numismatics for Heritage Auctions. “The fact that this occurred during a time when many bidders were unable to view the coin in person speaks volumes about the benefits of NGC certification.”

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“We are honored that bidders trust NGC so much that they will pay $660,000 for an NGC-certified coin based only on its grade, description and images,” said Mark Salzberg, NGC Chairman and Grading Finalizer.

“Bidders can rest assured that every coin is graded by a world-class team and backed by a comprehensive guarantee of authenticity and grade.”

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