1823 Quarter Sells for $102,000 USD

1823 Quarter Sells for $102,000 USD

One of the most rare 1823 quarter coin sold for about $102,000 Dollars.

1823/2 Quarter, Which was with the private member was then auctioned by Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

“The reason for the 1823/2 date is because the mint used an 1822 die and simply superimposed a 3 over the 2 in the fourth position,” explains Stack’s Bowers Galleries in a statement. “If you look closely, you can still see the 2 beneath the 3.”

Around 30 of the Coins are Thought to Exists So Far.

 1823/2 Capped Bust quarter. (Stack's Bowers Galleries)

1823/2 Capped Bust quarter. (Stack’s Bowers Galleries)

“To think that one of the U.S. mints would just layer a number on top of another is incredulous by today’s standards,” said Stack’s Bowers President Brian Kendrella, in the statement. “But that’s what gives this quarter its character and sets it apart from other years. It’ also part of why it’s so valuable and sought after.”

One of Another Worlds Rarest Coin Dates Back to 723AD Was Made from Gold Sold For Around 1.6 Million Euros.

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