Sell Your Antique Coins or Notes Online

Sell Your Antique Coins or Notes Online

Are you the one who has any Old or unique Currency, Stamp, Jewelry, or anything else to sell? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Because today, we will be talking about, which is an excellent one-stop platform that can freely help you to buy or sell antique items from your doorsteps. Yes, everything is available to facilitate you in the best way possible. So, let’s discuss it in detail.

What is is an online free platform for buyers and sellers worldwide who have some antique items that they want to sell. With the platform, they can list their products depending upon the categories available on this platform. Thus, anyone interested in buying their products can easily get it with the platform.

The beneficial aspect of this platform is that it’s free for anyone. You don’t need to pay a single penny for the listings on this platform. Everything you want to use on this platform is free. If we talk about the categories of Antique items, there are many things that you can sell like coins, Currencies, jewelry, and many more antique items.

Since the current market has very few buyers or sellers for antique items, the profit margin is brilliant for anyone who wants to sell it. Therefore, is established to give the antique items buyers or sellers facilities to fulfill their needs.

The procedure to sell or buy the product is very simple. All you need to do is create an account, whether you are a buyer or seller. So that you would get all of the transparent details right in front of the screen. Here, the best thing about this platform is that you can either bid on the product or contact the given number provided by the buyer or seller to let the deal happen.

How can you evaluate the Price of the Antique items and then list it on

In general, there is no such rule that can tell you the exact price evaluation of antique products. In the past, we have received so many calls and messages on our contact numbers where people who wanted to list the products on, but they don’t know how they can evaluate the prices of the products.

One important thing here to be noticed is that the price evaluation of the antique items increases or decreases depending upon their condition. If you have managed the coin in the best way, then its prices will uprise. However, the more antique items look rough or damaged, the lower the bids will receive the price.

However, eBay is a platform where you can easily put the details of your antique items. There, you will see various sellers have initiated the prices of the products that are unique and relevant to you. Based on that, you can idealize the condition of your antique product and then evaluate the final price in for the buyers. The same goes for the buyers who can do the same procedure and give the bid amount to the seller to get it from this platform.

Steps to Create Account on

Step 1: First of all, go to the browser URL Address bar and type along with pressing the enter button to get into the official home page of this platform.

Step 2: You will see the “Login” option on the screen. Click on the option and put the details if you have already created an account. If not, you will see the option “Create one here” below the login now button to create a new one.

Step 3: After you completed the second step, fill-up the information asked by the platform like Username, Email address, Password, and then Confirm Password. Meanwhile, Click on the Terms and conditions check bar and then on to the register now button.

Step 4: After creating the account, you will see a dashboard where all of the information related to your account will be available. Now, you can only use the services by verifying the account. For that, you can click on the profile settings available on the left-hand side of the screen. After that, put all of the information, and it will send you a code onto the email that you have to copy and paste. Now, your account is perfectly created and ready to buy or sell antique items.

How to Post an ad on

After creating the account, you might be wondering about posting the first ad on Well, you can do it without any hurdles.

First, you need to click on the Post an adoption available just below the profile settings. After that, the platform will show you various antique products categories. Next, you have to select the category that matches your antique products.

After you click on the Antique category, it will further show you the subcategories like Vintage pens, Stamps, Sculpture, notes, jewelry, clocks, coins, etc. So now, all you need is to click on the desired sub-category type product that you want to sell.

In the ad details, you will see the type of adoption, which pretty much facilitates both a seller or buyer. Therefore, you can get it in the way like whether you want to sell or buy any specific type of antique product, you can post an ad for this, and that’s what the type of ad offers to you. Now, select the ad type.

After that, you have to give further details about the ad. Like, giving it the proper title, description, keywords, price, and other information. You will get to know about many other options at the time of creating the ad.

Another important thing about ad posting on is that you have the option to select a limited or broader set of targets for the ad. For example, if you want to sell the product in a specific location, you can set the location within the ad creation option.

When you are done with the complete information, now, the time is to click on the publish adoption. Yes, your ad has been successfully published now.

How to evaluate the prices of the Antique items on

First of all, you have to access the official eBay website on your browser. Now, all you need Is to type the antique item name onto the search bar. Then, the platform will automatically show you the list of products with the same name on the screen. From there, you can easily evaluate the price of antique items. As we said earlier, the price of the antique item depends upon its quality and appearance; therefore, you will get several prices for a single coin into the platform.

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