Copper Falus Coin of Khudadad Khan of Kalat Balochistan

Khudadad Khan of Kalat Balochistan

Before you click to order your first ancient and unique coin of Balochistan, Khan of Kalat, Let’s first know little bit about the History as well.

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1638            Kalat State founded.
14 May 1854 Under British protection.
1876 British protectorate.
12 Aug 1947 Kalat assembly agrees on Independence State.
15 Aug 1947  de facto Independent State. Recognized by UK and India.
27 Mar 1948    Pakistan formally annexed Kalat.
31 Mar 1948  Kalat accedes to Pakistan.
03 Oct 1952  Joins Baluchistan States Union.
14 Oct 1955  State extinguished.


  Coin of Khudadad Khan of Kalat Balochistan Coin of Khudadad Khan of Kalat Balochistan

There is a very huge history of Khan of Kalat Balochistan History, For More Details, You are welcome to visit Wikipedia for that, For now let’s mention few details of Khan of Kalat Coin. Coin of Khudadad Khan of Kalat Baluchistan


Weight 5.57g
Diameter27.0 mm x 22.5 mm
RulerWali Mir Khudadad Khan
CitingMahmud Khan Durrani

  In 1893 the Wali was deposed for misrule and Kalat’s mint was closed. Mintage Years: AH 1281-1282, 10786 & 1186 (for 1286), 1290, 1293-1296 and even some without date.

  • To Pakistan from 1947 – date
  • Capt. Mir Sir Ahmad Yar Khan (1st time)……….10 Sep 1933 – 14 Oct 1955
  • He was the son of Mir Mohammad Azam Jan Khan and the President of Council of Rulers from Apr 1948 to 14 Oct 1955. From 03 Oct 1952 to 14 Oct 1955 the four Baluchistan states (Kalat, Kharan, LasBela and Makran) form the Baluchistan States Union. As he was the Wali of Kalat, became Khan-e-Azam of the Union. He died in 1979.


  • Tom Hickinbotham (British Agent)……………….1945 – 1947
  • Mir Ahmad Yar Khan (2nd time, in rebellion)……20 Jun 1958 – 1958
  • Mir Dawood Jan S/o Ahmad Yar Khan (pretender)………..1979 – Jan 1998
  • Mir Agha Suleiman Jan S/o Dawood (pretender)……..Jan 1998 – date

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